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  • Revolux Studios Records | Maicol Mp - Biography, Discography, Artist Booking

    Michael MP Music Project | Techno, Electronic, Experimental, Ambient - | ​ BIOGRAPHY Maicol MP was born in 1991 in the province of Treviso. During his childhood he performed many activities in the field of music, including the study of the piano and the Sound Technician. At age 16 he finally discovered the music in which he recognized himself the most and, simultaneously, he began to hang out at the Clubs: these facts make his musical passion always lead him to improve and refine himself, expressing himself as a DJ around in the clubs, growing and evolving in this profession. His trips to Berlin and in the capitals of Europe were fundamental and essential for his transition to the genre and style that he still proposes and which distinguishes him. He has a clear idea of what he wants to express, he knows well what a DJ must represent and the continuous music selection: know being an innovator, so he is always searching to bring new lymph. ​ Official Social Channels - - - - -

  • Revolux Studios Records | IMHO - Biography, Discography, Artist Booking

    IMHO | - Music Project | Trance, Progressive BIOGRAPHY Imho (In My Humble Opinion) is a duo formed by Simone Pisani and Federico Seri, both coming from different music experiences. Simone begins his musical career playing the drums in a band, touring Italy and performing live. He becomes interested in electronic music and starts to produce dubstep, a genere that leads him to share the stage with international artists such as Kill the Noise, Must Die!, Eptic, Dubsidia, Zed Deads, Black Sun Empire, Neonlight, Sub Focus. Simone meets Federico who introduce him to his passion for psychedelic culture and for the production of psytrance music. Federico meets psytrance music during the university and it leads him to take part in lots of festivals. Fallen in love with the atmosphere that you can breathe in such contexts, Federico decides to learn how to produce it with the main purpose of making people feel the same surrealistic emotions and the same moments he perceived. Imho's tracks are built on a research for experimental sounds which ranges from psytrance to darker atmospheres. The 16th January 2018 they release their first track "Universe" with Speedsound REC. Afterwards, they start playing in the underground scene of their hometown Rome, releasing their first Ep called "Bitch, be humble" with OHM Ganesh PRO on the 7th September of the same year. The EP contains the tracks "EST3" and "Humbling". The 8th of December 2018 they perform at the event "Shanti" organized by the famous promoter Free Spirit Foundation (WAO Festival). At the moment, they are working on their new album that will be relased in 2019. Official Social Channels - - - - - - - -

  • Servizi | Music | Revolux Studios Records | Italia

    Services what we offer 3D Design - Tridimensional industrial prototipation, design 3D, 2D & 3D animations, rendering, post-production - 3D modelling for buildings, design objects, indoor & outdoor design - 3D Laser Scanner technology for conservative restoration & preservation of art heritage ​ Sound production ​ - Sound Design: for radio spot & commercial advertising, animations & games - Discographic Labels: audio production & publishing, distribution, for different generes - Film Soundtracks - Professional recordings studios equipped with professional tools for audio production - Professional sound engineers at your disposal - Musician at disposal to create you music - Integrated collaboration with others studios from all over the world - Audio mixing & mastering service & workshop - Audio Distribution Spotify, Amazon Music, Googleplay, Beatport, AppleMusic, Reverbnation, Soundcloud, YouTube - Cover and artist image planning - Strategy confluence royalties administration - Soundreef management ​ Graphic Design, Advertising - 3D Graphic design, ipergraphic, posters, visit cards, catalogues, still life, books, packaging, merchandising, covers, ads, banner, gadgets, glasses,cups - Advertising, Brand image & Corporate identity, concept image, logo design - Print and digital restitution, big size print, magazines, comics, illustration Photos & Video Production - Video production, short lms, commercial spot, music videoclip, video mapping for events, video promo for events and companies - Professional cinematographic video shootings in HD & 4K, video editing, special e ect, post-production, pubblication, photography - Video aereal shootings with drone, aerophotogrammetry, aerial shootings with thermal scanning Web Design & Applications - Courses of Social Networking, designing websites & Web Platform - Social Networking, Multimedia Communication, creative strategy for agency and company, soceties, museums, exhibitions, copy-writing - Web Sites & Platforms Design compatible and optimized for all supports, App, applications design, web strategy & marketing - SEO & SEM Segmentetion, Google Analytics, Google Adsence, Google Adwords Print - Print on T-shirts and fabrics - Digital printing, inkjet, pad printing, Offset, Screen Printing, Sublimatic print, laser, - 3D Print, laser cut on wood & leather

  • Advertising & Spot | Music | Revolux Studios Records | Italia

    Spot & Advertising Vintage Things - Brand Spot - 2# Qi Watch - Brand Spot Vintage Things - Fashion Brand Spot - #1 Hide events - Spot CSV - Supermotarday - Spot - 2017 Pdiscover Application - Animation Spot Pdiscover - Spot - Advertising Blanco Loung Bar - Spot 2017 Feel Green Festival 2016 - A sustainable way of life - Spot # 1 Feel Green Festival 2016 - A sustainable way of life - Spot # 2

  • Revolux Studios Records | Night Off - Biography, Discography, Artist Booking

    Night Off Music Project | Pop, Dance, Tropical House, Chill - Electronic - | ​ BIOGRAPHY ​ Night Off is an Electronic music project created by Enrico Forante in 2014 based in Verona, Italy.The project presents very prestigious collaboration consolidated in recent years in creation of remixes of famous international hits and fined production of sounds inspired by latin scents, reggaeton with dense and pressing rhythms, Pop, Dance, Tropical House recalling tendentially ephemeral on evocative atmosphere. Producer & Dj of great stage presence in live shows, he became fundamental part of Revolux Studios Records team. ​ ​ Official Social Channels ​ - - - - +è - - ​ ​

  • Revolux Studios Records | aleX - Biography, Discography, Artist Booking Manageme

    aleX | Electronic, Cinematic, Post Rock, Electronica - Music Project | Mainly a guitarist, pianist and producer, aleX merges together experiences into post hardcore bands and electronic music, creating a different listening experience within an upsetting combination of elements. Through a dark and melodic imaginary world, he's going to translate ideas and feelings into music. ​ ​​ ​ ​​ ​​​​ ​ Official Social Channels - https: - - https:/ - https: - ​ ​ ​ ​

  • Studios | Music | Revolux Studios Records | Italia

    Studios Spaces at our disposal Studio Alfa Sound Design, Audio Recording, Audio Production, Mixing Mastering, Vynil Mastering, Vynil Record Lathe Cut Studio Omega Graphic, Design, Advertising, Cinematographic production, Laser Cut, T-Shirt printing, Big Size Print, 3D Print, industrial prototipation, Video, Video Clip , Photography, photo shooting , commercial still-life,

  • About Us | Music | Revolux Studios Records | Italia

    About Us who we are HISTORY ​ Revolux Studios Records is a Cinematographic Studios & Record Label founded in 2011 in Padua, as a separate department of the Multimedia sector of Revolux Studios S.r.l. by Jacopo Dotti. Revolux Studios Records was born as a label focused in the production of electronic music, careful to innovations of the international art scene. Acquires relief and visibility bringing for the first time in Italy artists like Liquid Soul & Dj Yahel, among the most important names in international Top Ten chart, for the genre Psy Trance. Now Revolux Studios Records, produces 360° music from classical to electronics. Revolux Studios Records is composed by music producers, artists and composers, communication experts, marketing, video editing, post production and services such as creation of (Music Video Clips, Video Animation, Advertising Spots, Filming, Aerial Filming), Web Design & Strategy (Seo & Sem, Web Usability, Social Networking) Graphic Design, (creation of logos, brand image, advertising, flyers, banners, T-shirt, merchandising), creation of exhibitions, events and festivals. Precisely in this last area, part of the electronic music events are managed by the label through Hide - Events, a brand specifically created for the separate management of exclusive events. This led to creation of the first label’s festival , the Feel Green Festival - A sustainable way of life, an event promoting the values ​​of eco-sustainability and bio-compatibility thinking, as a unique experience, to live immersed in nature between Live music and Electronics. We have collaborated with labels such as Iboga Records, FM Booking, Iono Records, Nano Records, Kamino Records, Flex-Up Records, BMG, Decca, Pinball Machine Records, and operated in contexts such as festivals and events such as Dissidance Electronic Music Festival (Italy), Black Moon Festival (Italy), Sherwood Festival (Italy), Beyond Spirit Festival (India), Cerebration Festival (Italy), Birritalia Festival (Italy), ROA - Royal Opera Arcade Gallery (London), Maltz Frabrik - Berlinalle (Berlin), Bramante Galleries - Piazza del Popolo (Rome, Vatican), MIIT - Museum of Contemporary Art of Turin (Italy). The label evolved over the last few years. Revolux Studios Records, provides not only a service of Audio Production, Mixing, Mastering, but also in artistic strategic advice. This is devoted to optimizing and enhancing the differentiated image of the artists, upstream of a personalized and customized communication plan, from the brand-concept image, to marketing to merchandising, to video music clips, to booking for the event. The label also deals with the editing and distribution of international digital recordings on major online stores and streaming services such as (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, GooglePlay, Beatport, Dezer, Shazam, Soundcloud, Youtube, etc.) All this is possible, thanks to a network of studies and skills, built over years of collaborations in the sector. We are trying to expand our network looking for professional partnership with other labels, production studios, event organization, booking agency, to improve our services offerings. Given the complexity and the management structure of the various operating sectors, we are looking for a Booking Agency that can help us to take care about the Artistic Management of the label roster, the possibility of obtaining paid cachet bookings, after contract and agreement on the percentages of mediation, between organizers, labels and managers, and all the involved parts. We are also open to proposals for collaboration between labels, with the aim of strengthening our network of contacts and business. In this and in other points, we remain open and flexible to collaborations and proposals.

  • Music Video | Music | Revolux Studios Records | Italia

    Music Video Clip Revolux Studios Records - Oboe - J. B. de Boismotier - Concerto Op.6 N°VI - I Adagio - Five Oboists Nicolò Dotti - Diferencias sobre la Gaita, Arr. for three oboes d’amore, two oboes da caccia & sofà Revolux Studios - Banda G.Verdi San Giorgio delle Pertiche - 120 Anni sulle ali della musica - Live Baila - Night Off - Official Video Revolux Studios Records - Jacopo Dotti Live - Best Dj Set Techno Progressive Deep Ibiza Mix - 2019 Revolux Studios Records - Jacopo Dotti - Live - Best Ibiza Chill Tribe Deep Lounge Sunset Mix 2019 Chromos - Intiation - (Official Video) aleX - Gates - Official Video aleX - Awake - Official Video aleX - Intro - Official Video Revolux Studios Records - Best Italian Trap, Hip Hop, Reggaeton - Mix - 2018 Francis Moore - Dionysus Francis Moore - Prometheus Jacopo Dotti & Francis Moore - Neptune Night Off - Rush Jack Chester - Was it a dream? Jack Chester - Asylum Jack Chester - G-Able Jack Chester - My Hero Pegboard Nerds - X NGHTMRE - Superstar Ft Krewella - (Jack Chester & Alex Zeal - Remix)

  • Revolux Studios Records | Jack Chester - Artist Booking, Management

    Jack Chester Music Project | | Future Bass, Electro House, EDM - BIOGRAPHY Jack Chester is an electronic music project created by Jacopo Migliasso, in 2014, based in Verona. Born as guitarist from some metal groups, he'll evolve in to a solo career, devoting himself to music production. Jack chester Present a research that ca be linked to Trap, House, Dubstep, Chillstep, & Future Bass. "Was it a dream?" is his launching EP and is one of the currently artists and producers joining the Revolux Studios Records team. ​ Official Social Channels - - - - - ​ ​ ​ ​

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