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Rendy Birush

Revolux Studios - Rendy Birush - CD Phone (LA) - Single - Cover

| Techno, Progressive - Music Project |


Petru Bortoluzzi aka "Rendy Birush". made his debut in music sector as a percussionist,  then approached electronic world looking for a sound that was able to represent and describe instantaneous single moments, narrating the possible sound and rhythmic variations, which find the right compromise and balance condensed into this art project.

Having obtained his artistic maturity, he has always cultivated a great passion for music by letting himself be inspired by Coldplay, One Republic, Lady Gaga arriving at Martin Garrix, David Guetta, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. In 2013 he began his career in the auto production field by publishing some songs on Soundcloud.

The experience gained in years of experiments and attempts, leads him in February 2023 to release and distribute his first single, CD Phone LA, with Revolux Studios Records.


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