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Publishing & Distribution

Emotions, on air, on frames, on touch

Revolux Studios © wants to keep up with technological developments and the times we live. This page wants to help and advise an alternative route, but significantly more effective to give more visibility for your products and services, exploiting the potential of new media and digital formats for interfacing the right target and obtain the greatest benefits for our customers


How to communicate with sound

Are you looking for a studio that will help you develop your own musical projects, or simply a jingles to promote your products or services in a television commercial or radio? Revolux Studios© will help you to create and develop your Audio Business Project and earn money from your music opted for a commercial distribution on the main music marketplace & streaming point as Google Play, Amazon Music, Itunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Deezer, Reverberation, Myspace, Youtube, Beatport, Shazam ecc...

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Emotion on motion​​

If you require the completion of a short film or video produced to promote your business or get more visibility, Revolux Studios © can help you, to give form and image, animation and sound, to your needs...

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New dimension to digital publishing: eBook​​

​Keep up with new technology implementations offered in the market. © Revolux Studios offers the opportunity to promote products and services, exploiting the potential offered by the new digital media currently on the market, with solutions developed and optimized for multimedia distribution as eBooks, Android, Tablet, iPhone and iPad...

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