what we offer

Revolux Studios Records - Advertising -

3D Design

- Tridimensional industrial prototipation, design 3D, 2D & 3D animations, rendering, post-production

- 3D modelling for buildings, design objects, indoor & outdoor design
- 3D Laser Scanner technology for conservative restoration & preservation of art heritage 

Sound production

- Sound Design: for radio spot & commercial advertising, animations & games
- Discographic Labels: audio production & publishing, distribution, for different generes
- Film Soundtracks
- Professional recordings studios equipped with professional tools for audio 

- Professional sound engineers at your disposal

- Musician at disposal to create you music
- Integrated collaboration with others studios from all over the world

- Audio mixing & mastering service & workshop

- Audio Distribution Spotify, Amazon Music, Googleplay, Beatport, AppleMusic, Reverbnation, Soundcloud, YouTube

- Cover and artist image planning

- Strategy confluence royalties administration

- Soundreef management

Graphic Design, Advertising

- 3D Graphic design, ipergraphic, posters, visit cards, catalogues, still life, books, packaging, merchandising, covers, ads, banner, gadgets, glasses,cups

- Advertising, Brand image & Corporate identity, concept image, logo design

- Print and digital restitution, big size print, magazines, comics, illustration

Photos & Video Production

- Video production, short lms, commercial spot, music videoclip, video mapping for events, video promo for events and companies

- Professional cinematographic video shootings in HD & 4K, video editing, special e ect, post-production, pubblication, photography

- Video aereal shootings with drone, aerophotogrammetry, aerial shootings with thermal scanning

Web Design & Applications

- Courses of Social Networking, designing websites & Web Platform
- Social Networking, Multimedia Communication, creative strategy for 
agency and company, soceties, museums, exhibitions, copy-writing
- Web Sites & Platforms Design compatible and optimized for all supports, 
App, applications design, web strategy & marketing
- SEO & SEM Segmentetion, Google Analytics, Google Adsence, Google Adwords


- Print on T-shirts and fabrics
- Digital printing, inkjet, pad printing, Offset, Screen Printing, Sublimatic 
print, laser,
- 3D Print, laser cut on wood & leather