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  • Revolux Studios Records | Home - Music, Video, Design, Graphic, Label Italy

    News Architecture Restoration Design Graphic Multimedia Editing Download Staff Info Revolux Studios Light for Ideas Revolux Studios is a Company born in 2011 and structured at 360 degree on visible communication. Revolux Studios is Light for Your Ideas! Revolux Studios, evolution of Studio Dotti, has consolidated its core business, in over 40 years of experience, on Architecture Design & Conservative Restoration. The main strategic plan is in the Multimedia Field: Graphic & Web Design, Music and Video Production, Music Distribution and Publishing, its Record Label (Revolux Studios Records), Studio Recording, International Artist Booking Management, creation of Exhibition, Events and Festival. ​ ​ ​ Our partnerships:

  • Revolux Studios Records | Publishing & Distribution

    News Architecture Restoration Design Graphic Multimedia Editing Download Staff Info Publishing & Distribution ​ Emotions, on air, on frames, on touch Revolux Studios © wants to keep up with technological developments and the times we live. This page wants to help and advise an alternative route, but significantly more effective to give more visibility for your products and services, exploiting the potential of new media and digital formats for interfacing the right target and obtain the greatest benefits for our customers Music ​​ How to communicate with sound Are you looking for a studio that will help you develop your own musical projects, or simply a jingles to promote your products or services in a television commercial or radio? Revolux Studios© will help you to create and develop your Audio Business Project and earn money from your music opted for a commercial distribution on the main music marketplace & streaming point as Google Play, Amazon Music, Itunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Deezer, Reverberation, Myspace, Youtube, Beatport, Shazam ecc... Video Emotion on motion ​​ If you require the completion of a short film or video produced to promote your business or get more visibility, Revolux Studios © can help you, to give form and image, animation and sound, to your needs... ePub New dimension to digital publishing: eBook​​ Keep up with new technology implementations offered in the market. © Revolux Studios offers the opportunity to promote products and services, exploiting the potential offered by the new digital media currently on the market, with solutions developed and optimized for multimedia distribution as eBooks, Android, Tablet, iPhone and iPad... ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

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    News Architecture Restoration Design Graphic Multimedia Editing Download Staff Info Contacts How to contact us for any information Revolux Studios Italian Headquarter: Via Carbonara N° 39 Borgoricco, 35010 Padova - ITALY - ​ Email: Main: Records: Demo: +39 049 9335762 Tel: +39 049 8591287 Fax: 04603100282 P.IVA: T9K4ZH0 SDI: Name * Email * Subject Message Your details were sent successfully! Send Revolux Studios - Multimedia Service Flyer Download our Flyer and discover our services Discover our news on official Facebook page ​ ​ ​ ​

  • Servizi | Music | Revolux Studios Records | Italia

    Services what we offer 3D Design - Tridimensional industrial prototipation, design 3D, 2D & 3D animations, rendering, post-production - 3D modelling for buildings, design objects, indoor & outdoor design - 3D Laser Scanner technology for conservative restoration & preservation of art heritage ​ Sound production ​ - Sound Design: for radio spot & commercial advertising, animations & games - Discographic Labels: audio production & publishing, distribution, for different generes - Film Soundtracks - Professional recordings studios equipped with professional tools for audio production - Professional sound engineers at your disposal - Musician at disposal to create you music - Integrated collaboration with others studios from all over the world - Audio mixing & mastering service & workshop - Audio Distribution Spotify, Amazon Music, Googleplay, Beatport, AppleMusic, Reverbnation, Soundcloud, YouTube - Cover and artist image planning - Strategy confluence royalties administration - Soundreef management ​ Graphic Design, Advertising - 3D Graphic design, ipergraphic, posters, visit cards, catalogues, still life, books, packaging, merchandising, covers, ads, banner, gadgets, glasses,cups - Advertising, Brand image & Corporate identity, concept image, logo design - Print and digital restitution, big size print, magazines, comics, illustration Photos & Video Production - Video production, short lms, commercial spot, music videoclip, video mapping for events, video promo for events and companies - Professional cinematographic video shootings in HD & 4K, video editing, special e ect, post-production, pubblication, photography - Video aereal shootings with drone, aerophotogrammetry, aerial shootings with thermal scanning Web Design & Applications - Courses of Social Networking, designing websites & Web Platform - Social Networking, Multimedia Communication, creative strategy for agency and company, soceties, museums, exhibitions, copy-writing - Web Sites & Platforms Design compatible and optimized for all supports, App, applications design, web strategy & marketing - SEO & SEM Segmentetion, Google Analytics, Google Adsence, Google Adwords Print - Print on T-shirts and fabrics - Digital printing, inkjet, pad printing, Offset, Screen Printing, Sublimatic print, laser, - 3D Print, laser cut on wood & leather

  • Studios | Music | Revolux Studios Records | Italia

    Studios Spaces at our disposal Studio Alfa Sound Design, Audio Recording, Audio Production, Mixing Mastering, Vynil Mastering, Vynil Record Lathe Cut Studio Omega Graphic, Design, Advertising, Cinematographic production, Laser Cut, T-Shirt printing, Big Size Print, 3D Print, industrial prototipation, Video, Video Clip , Photography, photo shooting , commercial still-life,

  • Revolux Studios Records | Communication - Photo, Web Sites, Advertising, Logo

    News Architecture Restoration Design Graphic Multimedia Editing Download Staff Info Graphic & Communication Our Graphic department at disposal Forms and language in contemporary communication Graphic is not only a form of artistic expression, but also and importatnt commuincative medium to express your ideas. Our experts know that as well and could help you to free unexpressed potential of your business agency. ​ ​Our graphic department at your disposal. Some of our services and products developed Logos & Brands 1/17 How customize and encrease the sense and perceptive connotation of your company to become more competitive in the market. Cover Design 1/7 We create the best cover design and plan strategy communication for your music artist project WebSite & WebPlatform Mayte_Sasot_Revolux_Studios_websites Mayte Sasot italian stylist from Barcellona website, made by the website department of Revolux Studios. Vintage Things website Vintage Things website made by Revolux Studios, website development for brand and companies all over the world. 1/3 Web sites and platforms devellopped from our expert of Revolux LAB, collected and presented. Brand Identities e276ae11413937.562921a96f2fc Core Tech Pass Core Tech Advertising e2022e11413937.5629203f2bc73 1/28 Give the right potential and prestige creating a graphic appealing to your company with an innovative Brand Image & Brand Concept identity, following your specific needs. Leaflets & Posters 1/11 How to communicate your services and offers? We provide to focalize your main target and structure a specific communication strategy to reach main aims. Photography 1/6 Crystallize a fragment, a moment, a frame. How much more communicative exists than the immediate use and consumption of everyday reality itself. Our experts in photography at your service. Advertising Vintage Things - Banners - Advertising-1 Vintage Things - Banners - Advertising-1 1/24 How to discover and encrease the features and the potential of our products with a process of marketing, comparing it with the relative competitors. Together we can find, project and get the best results, reaching the winning solutions for your necessities. Art Graphic 1/20 Graphic as medium to communicate your ideas and creativity.

  • Revolux Studios Records | Hot Play - Biography, Discography, Artist Booking

    Hot Play | Pop, Electro, Dance, Dance 90' - Music Project | BIOGRAPHY HotPlay è l’incontro di due artisti, Pietro Favorito e Klaus Docupil. L’idea nasce dalla volontà di unire alla musica l’arte della scrittura e del fumetto. Un connubio tra parole e melodia, quell’equilibrio perfetto tra due forme d’arte complementari. Pietro Favorito è nato a Foggia il 9 gennaio 1971 ed è un DJ Vocalist e speaker radiofonico. Si occupa di spettacolo, musica e produzioni televisive. Ha diretto il mensile “Gente della Notte”, per il quale ha creato una linea di abbigliamento e presentato l’omonimo programma tv. Nel 2011 dirige il mensile SKN e a giugno 2013 dà vita al fumetto noir, a distribuzione nazionale, Lady Mafia, attirando le attenzioni della Titanus, che ne opziona i diritti cinematografici e televisivi. A luglio del 2014, in collaborazione con Radio Capital (Gruppo Editoriale L’Espresso), pubblica il fumetto: Déjà Vu - Universi Paralleli. Risale invece a settembre 2014 la prima pubblicazione di un fumetto per bambini "Se casco senza casco sono caschi miei", una collaborazione con Striscia la notizia e Unicef, con il patrocinio del MIUR. Tra il 2015 e il 2016 per Edizioni Anordest pubblica diversi libri per bambini e ragazzi: “Elfio e i Satanelli” in collaborazione con il Foggia Calcio, "Elfio e il castello di Bardi" con la partecipazione straordinaria di Bruno Pizzul e Carolina Morace, e infine “L’industria del male” e "Bulli della rete". A dicembre 2017 per Cuore Noir Edizioni pubblica un fumetto in collaborazione con la RAI e la partecipazione straordinaria di Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Claudio Bisio e Alessio Boni. L'8 Marzo del 2018 esce il suo primo romanzo: Lady Mafia. Klaus Docupil musicista, compositore e DJ Producer veneziano, già autore di brani dalle sonorità ricercate e d’avanguardia. L’amore per il viaggio lo porta a scoprire il mondo. Per questo è in continuo movimento. Klaus dice: <>. E’ attraverso a questi viaggi che elabora la sua musica ed il suo stile, o il suo “Musicode”, come definisce le sensazioni e le emozioni che poi trasforma in note. Il viaggio è una componente essenziale dell’ispirazione di Klaus: scoprire il mondo ed essere in costante movimento. Questo gli ha permesso di creare la rubrica musicale Border Clubs, che racconta, da un punto di vista dello spettatore e del visitatore, i club ed i locali più Cool del pianeta. Gli HotPlay presentato un DJ Set con animazione, con musica Dance, House e Pop Commerciale. Le vibrazioni sonore, per far ballare. ​ Official Social Channels - - - - | ​

  • Advertising & Spot | Music | Revolux Studios Records | Italia

    Spot & Advertising Vintage Things - Skateboards - Autumn Collection 2020 - Preview - Con Federico Faccioli Vintage Things - Consigli Acquisti Skateboard - Con Federico Faccioli 10 Motivi Per scegliere Skateboards Vintage Things con Federico Faccioli Vintage Things - Brand Spot - 2# Qi Watch - Brand Spot Vintage Things - Fashion Brand Spot - #1 Hide events - Spot CSV - Supermotarday - Spot - 2017 Pdiscover Application - Animation Spot Pdiscover - Spot - Advertising Blanco Loung Bar - Spot 2017 Feel Green Festival 2016 - A sustainable way of life - Spot # 1 Feel Green Festival 2016 - A sustainable way of life - Spot # 2

  • Revolux Studios | Video - Production, 4K, Drone, Spot, Editing, Film

    News Architecture Restoration Design Graphic Multimedia Editing Download Staff Info Cinema & Video Emotions on motion Cinematographic Video Production, Executive Production, Shooting, Editing, Post-Production Consulences, Distribution, Fundraising Short Film Production, Music Video Clips, 3D Animation, Advertising SpotsInterviews, Documentaries, Concerts, Live, Events, Performances Drone Air Shooting, Professional Cinematic Video Shooting, Full HD 4K in Padua, Venice, Treviso Music Video Clip Spot Animation Cinema Live Events

  • Music Video | Music | Revolux Studios Records | Italia

    Music Video Clip Revolux Studios Records - Oboe - J. B. de Boismotier - Concerto Op.6 N°VI - I Adagio - Five Oboists Nicolò Dotti - Diferencias sobre la Gaita, Arr. for three oboes d’amore, two oboes da caccia & sofà Revolux Studios - Banda G.Verdi San Giorgio delle Pertiche - 120 Anni sulle ali della musica - Live Baila - Night Off - Official Video Revolux Studios Records - Jacopo Dotti Live - Best Dj Set Techno Progressive Deep Ibiza Mix - 2019 Revolux Studios Records - Jacopo Dotti - Live - Best Ibiza Chill Tribe Deep Lounge Sunset Mix 2019 Chromos - Intiation - (Official Video) aleX - Gates - Official Video aleX - Awake - Official Video aleX - Intro - Official Video Revolux Studios Records - Best Italian Trap, Hip Hop, Reggaeton - Mix - 2018 Francis Moore - Dionysus Francis Moore - Prometheus Jacopo Dotti & Francis Moore - Neptune Night Off - Rush Jack Chester - Was it a dream? Jack Chester - Asylum Jack Chester - G-Able Jack Chester - My Hero Pegboard Nerds - X NGHTMRE - Superstar Ft Krewella - (Jack Chester & Alex Zeal - Remix)

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