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  • About | Music | Revolux Studios Records | Italia

    About Who we are Revolux Studios Light for Ideas Revolux Studios is a Company born in 2011 and structured at 360 degree on visible communication. Revolux Studios is Light for You r Ideas! Revolux Studios, evolution of Studio Dotti, has consolidated its core business, in over 40 years of experience, on Architecture Design & Conservative Restoration. The main strategic plan is in the Multimedia Field: Graphic & Web Design, Music and Video Production, Music Distribution and Publishing, its Record Label (Revolux Studios Records), Studio Recording, International Artist Booking Management, creation of Exhibition, Events and Festival. ​ ​ ​ HISTORY ​ Revolux Studios Records is a Cinematographic Studios & Record Label founded in 2011 in Padua, as a separate department of the Multimedia sector of Revolux Studios S.r.l. by Jacopo Dotti. Revolux Studios Records was born as a la bel focused in the production of electronic music, careful to innovations of the international art scene. Acquires relief and visibility bringing for the first time in Italy artists like Liquid Soul & Dj Yahel, among the most important names in international Top Ten chart, for the genre Psy Trance. Now Revolux Studios Records, produces 360° music from classical to electronics. Revolux Studios Records is composed by music producers, artists and composers, communication experts, marketing, video editing, post production and services such as creation of (Music Video Clips, Video Animation, Advertising Spots, Filming, Aerial Filming), Web Design & Strategy (Seo & Sem, Web Usability, Social Networking) Graphic Design, (creation of logos, brand image, advertising, flyers, banners, T-shirt, merchandising), creation of exhibitions, events and festivals. Precisely in this last area, part of the electronic music events are managed by the label through Hide - Events, a brand specifically created for the separate management of exclusive events. This led to creation of the first label’s festival , the Feel Green Festival - A sustainable way of life, an event promoting the values ​​of eco-sustainability and bio-compatibility thinking, as a unique experience, to live immersed in nature between Live music and Electronics. We have collaborated with labels such as Iboga Records, FM Booking, Iono Records, Nano Records, Kamino Records, Flex-Up Records, BMG, Decca, Pinball Machine Records, and operated in contexts such as festivals and events such as Dissidance Electronic Music Festival (Italy), Black Moon Festival (Italy), Sherwood Festival (Italy), Beyond Spirit Festival (India), Cerebration Festival (Italy), Birritalia Festival (Italy), ROA - Royal Opera Arcade Gallery (London), Maltz Frabrik - Berlinalle (Berlin), Bramante Galleries - Piazza del Popolo (Rome, Vatican), MIIT - Museum of Contemporary Art of Turin (Italy). The label evolved over the last few years. Revolux Studios Records, provides not only a service of Audio Production, Mixing, Mastering, but also in artistic strategic advice. This is devoted to optimizing and enhancing the differentiated image of the artists, upstream of a personalized and customized communication plan, from the brand-concept image, to marketing to merchandising, to video music clips, to booking for the event. The label also deals with the editing and distribution of international digital recordings on major online stores and streaming services such as (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, GooglePlay, Beatport, Dezer, Shazam, Soundcloud, Youtube, etc.) All this is possible, thanks to a network of studies and skills, built over years of collaborations in the sector. We are trying to expand our network looking for professional partnership with other labels, production studios, event organization, booking agency, to improve our services offerings. Given the complexity and the management structure of the various operating sectors, we are looking for a Booking Agency that can help us to take care about the Artistic Management of the label roster, the possibility of obtaining paid cachet bookings, after contract and agreement on the percentages of mediation, between organizers, labels and managers, and all the involved parts. We are also open to proposals for collaboration between labels, with the aim of strengthening our network of contacts and business. In this and in other points, we remain open and flexible to collaborations and proposals.

  • Revolux Studios Records | Artist Roster, Booking, Management, Electronic

    News Architecture Restoration Design Graphic Multimedia Editing Download Staff Info Artist Roster Artists Available for Booking & Management Chromos / Jacopo Dotti aleX Jack Chester IMHO Maicol Mp Night Off Our Offer Artists & Events Management. We provide services to organization of exhibitions, events and performances. We provide everything you need, from location & entertainment, to the management and organization. We also give advice for bands and artists who want to find a quick and easy way to interface their talent with your public, in order to enhance it, to the fullest.

  • Studios | Music | Revolux Studios Records | Italia

    Studios Spaces at our disposal Studio Alfa Sound Design, Record Studio, Audio Recording, Audio & Music Production, Mixing & Mastering, Vynil Mastering, Vynil Record Cuting Service, Music & Video Distribution Studio Omega Graphic, Design, Advertising, Cinematographic production, Laser Cut, T-Shirt printing, Big Size Print, 3D Print, I ndustrial prototipation, Video, Music Video Clip, Photography, P hoto shooting , commercial still-life,

  • Revolux Studios Records | Maicol Mp - Biography, Discography, Artist Booking

    Maicol MP | Techno, Electronic, Experimental, Ambient - Music Project | ​ BIOGRAP HY ​ Maicol MP was born in 1991 in the province of Treviso. During his childhood he performed many activities in the field of music, including the study of the piano and the Sound Technician. At age 16 he finally discovered the music in which he recognized himself the most and, simultaneously, he began to hang out at the Clubs: these facts make his musical passion always lead him to improve and refine himself, expressing himself as a DJ around in the clubs, growing and evolving in this profession. ​ His trips to Berlin and in the capitals of Europe were fundamental and essential for his transition to the genre and style that he still proposes and which distinguishes him. He has a clear idea of what he wants to express, he knows well what a DJ must represent and the continuous music selection: know being an innovator, so he is always searching to bring new lymph. ​ ​ ​ ​ Official Social Channels - - - - - ​ ​ ​ ​ .

  • Revolux Studios Records | Jacopo Dotti, Chromos, Artist Booking Management

    Chromos - Jacopo Dotti CHROMO S | Trance, Expe rimental, Do wmt empo, Chill, Electronic - Music Project | ​ BIOGR A PHY ​ Chromos is a Psy Trance, Fullon, Progressive, Psy Ambient, project born in 2012 & created by Sound Designer, Multimedia Artist and Multi-inistrumentalist Jacopo Dotti. The sound comes from elaboration of different music taste and music styles contamination, from electronic t o classical reminiscenc es. ​ This project born from the necessity to reach higher spheres of mystical and transcendental level comprehension, in a consciousness process through cathartic and alchemic expression of sound. In 2014 he publish his first EP "Substructures", an Psy Ambient Progressive album that want explore the main and ancestral psy root from indian and oriental sound to traditional Italian ballads and psy trance rhythm, around the philosophy of the structure, in which every in systematically inter-connected. ​ In 2014 get up on the music scene performing in Cerebration Festival, Dissidance Music Festival and for Sherwood Festival , bringing psy trance and psy ambient genres, in a new environment in Italy. Chromos is one of the main artists of Revolux Studios Records. JACOPO DOTTI | Techno, Experimental, Cinematic, Electronic - Music Project | ​ BIOGRAPHY ​ Jacopo Dotti is music project born in 2009 & created by Music & Video Producer, Multimedia Artist and Mult-Inistrumentalist, Designer & Communication Expert Jacopo Dotti. Sound's resea rch & inspiration comes from elaboration of different music taste and music styles contamination, from electronic to classical reminesciences. ​ A key influences come from cinematic music, sountrack & theme music, electronic, techno, chillout, downtempo, concrete music, generate an interesting flus of consciousness, looking for the sound of, future in the meaning of the past. ​ ​ ​ Official Social Page CHRO MOS ​ ​ - - https://www - https://soun - - - - JACOPO DOTTI ​ - - - - - - - - ​ ​ ​ ​ .

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